Spa Creek Conservancy (SCC) data and links 2018

SCC is monitoring 11 sites. To view the map of the sites, click on 2018 SCC map which shows the location and the weekly enterococci levels.  Levels under 104 cfu/100 ml are considered safe for swimming. Any site over the threshold for safe swimming will be shown with a RED icon. The map legend on the left gives the site symbols and the present week count.  If you click on an icon, it will show all of the data for this season.

The data, including enterococci and other parameters including clarity, dissolved oxygen, temperature, salinity, pH and nutrient levels, is also posted at

Top view the data by location, and to see other sites being tested by local groups, you can use The Swim Guide which can also be viewed as an app on your phone.

Data is also being input to Water Reporter. Note: this is a work in progress... take a look at Water Reporter

All data is also available in excel format at 2018 SCC DATA . Any ENT value highlighted in RED indicates it is over the 104 cfu/100 ml threshold.  Any Secchi depth highlighted in blue indicates "clear to bottom". Any block with two values and highlighted in green means the values are from a quality control replicate or duplicate.

Questions or problems with sites?  email